Friday, September 19, 2008

Four Boys, Two Girls and a Pizza Party!

We were so lucky to have Auntie Meg come for a slumber party again! this time we made homemade pizza! it was super fun- *note they may not  have looked good but it tasted good;)
It was out first time doing this and the kids really had fun making their own dinner!

 even the baby got to help!

After a super fun night, I let Megan sleep and Dropped the boys off at school~ Megan and I actually got some time to visit with out my kids climbing all over her!! We even got to meet up with Aly downtown~ I love you guys!!!  


Jig said...

"A Pizza Place Where You Make Your Own Pie" ~ i have heard of this place before...can't remember where

i thought pizza's come in a circular shape...the sauce looked like it was stirred perfectly...

Danielle said...

how fun! your kids are lucky to have such an awesome mommy! :)