Saturday, November 1, 2008

Three cheers for Uncle Jig!

For those who know us well know that we don't actually havan Uncle Jig... but we do have a great friend named Jig:) He joined us out West from Texas for a whole week;) We started out in San Fran and went to Alcatraz, the kids loved the boat ride over! Soooo fun! Vance was quick to tell us he never wanted to go to prison ever after that! We had a ton planned for the week - So lets begin the ride-
I took Jig to his first pumpkin patch it was so cute! I didnt seem to get a good shot of him there I am so lame but here are the boys- River wanted to eat all the stuff on the ground:)!!
Jig was my "Manny" all week helping me with the baby and Vance- Vance had a special bond with jig.. every move he made Vance needed to know about it, see it, and then talk about it for the next 5 hours! oh the questions the kids had for Jig- Jig is originally from India and the kids had a field day wanting to know every thing about India and Texas- 
Bless Jig's heart he was so patient with the family! And we have a crazy one! I have made Jig sign a gag order since he witnessed my fam for a whole week- He knows too much:) It all goes in the vault right Jig!!??!!  

So Jig works for Michael's in the IT dept.... (my crafty mommy friends know that Michael's is the best store in the world) it just happened to be employee discount week so I dragged Jig to our Michael's for 50% off everything! not that I needed anything since he goes to sample sales for me once a month and brought me everything I will ever need to craft anything! Jig you are so awesome thanks sooooo much!!! So we shopped and got to spent the whole day with out chatty cathy ( Vance) thanks Jeremy for taking him for the day:) Through out the week we went to the beach and walked my the cliffs, went to the Monterey Aquarium where we saw my Friend from Tahoe, Jon who works there and he gave us a tour! thanks Jon you rock! Jig and I got to even go out on the town one night bar hoppin! I havent done than in a while! We had such a great time talking and staying out late- We ended his last night with a BBQ and movie night outside I was freezing and didn't get any shots but we watched Weird Science (great movie) and sat around a bon fire til 2 am -
It was sad to see Jig go the next day but we were so lucky to have him here!


Violet Folklore said...

OMG River is toooooo cute!
And Happy Birthday miss Alicia! Love you mucho.
Can't wait to read about Vancey's birthday and Halloween...


Kristi said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! You will certainly remmeber this one as there is so much change to happen today.

Miss you, love seeing your boys smile. They are so cute, so unique, so both you and Jeremy.

Anyway, I hope Meg and I can come visit you soon.


Jig said...

It's in the vault! I am locking the vault! IT'S A VAULT!!! besides, I've seen what prison life is like so I will think twice before violating the gag order ;)

Treyton is an awesome big brother and friend, Vancey is so amazing; I loved talking to him about everything. And what can I say about Rivey that I haven't already said. Absolute perfect baby. He makes you forget everything with that patented smile of his.

You have a great family and you are the best mom. I loved hanging with you all week and the boys were the perfect change of pace from my girls

Happy Birthday Gwenie!!!!

P.S. love the song :)

The Longs said...

i have a MILLION things to say, but i will limit it to a few!

first of all, "happy birthday you!" (read it in a sing song voice!)

your week looked like a lot of fun! yeah for good friends (especially ones that can tolerate family chaos!)

all your boys look like they have grown since i saw them last...what the heck are you feeding them?! i really do miss chatty cathy (LMAO) and treyton and river's big ol grin! OH AND YOU TOO!

lets plan a date for next week! for real this time!

Danielle said...

wow! i want to come visit you! you know how to entertain a guest! :) great pics. you look so cute-- is your hair darker? btw, happy b-day yesterday-- i thought about you! remember our trip to disneyland?? and how i ate about 15 churros a day? :)