Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick and a whole lot a Treats

Happy Halloween everyone- I am a little late but things have been so crazy! As you can see River was a turtle and  Trey and Vance were Edward Scissor hands this year ... the costumes were a huge hit all over town- Treyton was loving all the attention:) They were a lot of work I swear next year I am just buying them costumes from the store!!!  j/k
I was so lucky Since my mom was in town to help with the baby, We got to help in Treyton's halloween party- River  wasn't too impressed with the party!
We Went Trick or Treating with our Awesome crew of  14! We braved the rain and was worth it cuz the kids have candy for days!! 

Halloween Is also Vance's Birthday- Our big boy Turned Four! He is so independent and smart-I cant wait to see what he shows us this year!!!!   Hooray Vancey !!!


Jessica said... have completely outdone yourself this Halloween! Those costumes are amazing! You seriously have a gift:) LOL Great job!!!

Jig said...

just put this blog on your resume and the job is yours...those costumes are dazzling ;) and rivey looked like he was ready to ride the east australian current...dude

Danielle said...

you are out of control creative! how lucky are your kids??? they probably would never let you buy their costumes now! :)