Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let's wrap it all up with a bow...

Hey ya'll  
December has been a busy month but still I cant believe it is christmas time already! So to wrap it all up in one post  here's just a few things we have been up to...

 River is still sleeping a ton;)

Tutu (or Mary) had a birthday and we all got to share it with her! Happy b-day Tutu! 

 River Loves  Luke

I still love Hannah:)

Our Good Friend Niles finally turned 30! his parents threw him a great surprise party
 We left the big boys with Papa And Tutu thanks guys for babysitting!
wow what a surprise Andrew is holding River
 Rivey loves to party 
 but he likes to sleep more:) thanks Jacqui you are the best baby putter to sleeper:)

It was Megans birthday! and Jeremy watched to boys so I could go out and have a fun time in Oak town!!! 

 Our lil Hannah was in a play Gold Dust or Bust and she killed it!!! Good job Hannah!!!

 Trey had his school christmas party ~ those kids are so cute! And in Elementary school tradition, He made a ginger bread house... 
we brought it home and every time I look at it on the counter it is missing candy.. and I can't find Vance..hmmmm -      

So to all Our friends and family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!


The Longs said...

first of better watch out, andrew is going to walk off with rivey one of these days and you will never hear from him again!

second, what the heck are you feeding rivey, he is SOOOO BIG!

lastly, when do I get my Young Family Fix....i need some hugs from your babies!

Danielle said...

ok so i am totally laughing out loud over the pic of river asleep in the high chair! it cracks me up that he sleeps so much! how lucky r u??!! :)