Monday, May 12, 2008

out of the house... finally!

I have been getting a little cabin fever being at home with all the kids- So when my parents offered to watch the two bigger guys over night (since they were in town for mothers day)     
We jumped at the chance of hanging 
with our friends-  we got to go out to dinner and play bocce ball it is a silly game of throwing balls down a lane, trying to get closer to the little game ball than the other team.. I know I am still confused and I played for hours! but with baby in the front pack I seemed to be doing well:)
and my team won! we finished up the game with a group high five..
Which is always fun! 

In the bar next to us they had karaoke I had the baby so we hung outside watching these terrible people trying to sing terrible songs And the terrible people dancing terribly-

(the gang all wanted to join) 

I realized at this point what I am missing staying in my jammies on the couch at home! So thanks mom and dad glad the kids were good for you!


The Longs said...

how fun!! good times!

i haven't played bocci ball in years, and actually every time we played i was a bit trashed and cant really remember how to play. i do remember it being called drunken lawn bowling! ha! give me about 4 or 5 months and you can school me at bocci ball!

ps- the tummy pack was the perfect accessory!

Danielle said...

hey girlfriend!is that a tatoo on ur little arm?? lol

Jig said...

i hope you let David Puddy in on the group high know he loves that!!!