Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I love me some Noah!!!!

Yesterday We had a great visit with Krystal and 5 week old Baby Noah! He couldn't be any cuter! He is soooo little compared to River, I couldn't believe it! Krystal and I tried to have a conversation but all we got were a few words here and there thanks to my lil show offs Trey and Vance- They love when  I have a friend over cuz then they can act like "Stewart" from Mad Tv... such dorks!  Still I loved hanging out with another mama and baby! I wished you guys lived closer!!!!!!

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The Longs said...


i had so much fun with you 4 yesterday! thanks for having me over and sharing your couch with me and noah! ;)

i do love your boys and eventually they will quit showing off when i come over and we will be able to talk for longer!

see you again soon!