Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rollin on the River

It is over! From here on out we cant just put River down without him rollin over!   Even though I love his adorable milestones, I am a little sad that my baby has become a little man! He rolls over and gets stuck waving his arms and legs so helpless... but when I roll him on his back he always has a huge smile on his face... like.... YES!!! I am  Big boy!
I am able to hand him a toy and he will take it and play with it- 
Even though his movements are  very "drunk old man"
Still Jeremy and I are constantly saying" oh cute... look River did this or that" I guess all these things don't get old no matter how many kids you have-
He is loving getting barreled in the Wave play mat 
his auntie Heather made him!!


Jig said...

don't worry...he is gonna be stuck at this phase for a little bit. maya still doesn't go anywhere. it really is the cutest thing...kickin wave pool thing by the way

Jessica said...

What a cutie :) He's getting so big! Great wave! Such a great idea!

The Longs said...

River keeps getting cuter by the minute! i just LOVE his big toothless smile...his whole face smiles!

he is still and will always be your baby matter how big he gets!

~nice title by the way!!~

Danielle said...

lol...he is the cutest!!! those pics make me smile :)