Monday, July 28, 2008

Bret and Aly sittin in a tree...

Aly and Bret are getting married!!!
On Saturday we had an engagement party for them! 
The week before  was foggy.. and freezing so I wasn't too excited that our party was at the beach- I woke up Saturday morning... and ahhh it was beautiful and that's how it stayed all day, no wind just sun and smiles! We had a great time- Thanks to Megan and Heather for everything - I am looking forward to all the other parties we get to throw together for Aly! Thanks to all of Bret's and Aly's friends and family for traveling so far to celebrate with us! 


Jessica said...

Please tell "CONGRATULATIONS" from
Ahren&Jess! P.S. Love the crowns:)

Jig said...

multiple ponies AND a hat...come on nice.
looked like a lot of fun...great job.
congratulations to the happy pair!

Danielle said...

wow! haven't seen aly since high school. so happy for her. sounds like a fun party!