Sunday, July 20, 2008


We took the boys out for Shhooshe (as vance calls it)  at the Pink Godzilla we were surprised when they actually tried it
Being the great parents we are we sort of fibbed to Vance about what it actually was... it worked and he ate plenty of it~ this was one of those nights where the boys were on their best behavior~ 
They sat still and ate and we talked and learned how to use chop sticks~
The table next to us commented on how great the kids were... that doesn't happen often! And Rivey.... as always fell asleep... in the tiny restaurant full of people- 


Jig said...

can't believe rivey is already using chopsticks (in his sleep)...they gonna have to teach me's as if i just stepped off the boat last week or something

Megan Jacobsmeyer said...

now they are true Santa Cruz kids to the core- ot just rolling in the seaweed but eating it. Love it- I think your family has busted through the cuteness meter Alicia!

The Longs said...

i love "shhoooshe" ~ i'm curious as to what you told vance it was!

i wish i could sleep like River! probably not for another 8 years but hey a girl can dream right!?

(ps- jeremy did a good job catching river's head with the chopsticks!

Danielle said...

it cracks me up that river is always asleep! wouldn't it be fabulous to be him???lol

Meg said...

OMG I want to be part of all your family affairs, so cute. I love you guys! xo