Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bowled over

I can't believe we had never taken the kids bowling before... they had such a great time- Rivey slept the whole time.. big surprise! Treyton enjoyed the whole idea of wearing other peoples shoes and Vance didn't seem to understand you roll the ball down the lane~ He liked to "throw it overhand" down the lane~ We thought we would get kicked out for sure! When Vance was up  he tossed it down and it didn't even make it to the pins- the worker guy had to go down and get the ball for us;) we then were told we could put the bumpers up just for the little guys- that made the game much faster! We are not the greatest team of bowlers but we had fun~ our combined total was nothing to brag about it was the same and ONE player in the next lane :) but we will get better~ 


Jig said...

i don't think i can call them your little boys no more...they are definitely young men (no pun intended)...
after some practice, you will be able to challenge the bundy's :)

The Longs said...

again, river sleeping like i can only dream about!

looks like you had a blast...and treyton looks like a pro in his pictures!

i wanna come next time!!!