Saturday, December 18, 2010


Happy Halloween everyone! 
My mom came down for Vances actual birthday which is 
Halloween so we got to do a lil pumpkin carving with her:)

 on Vance's real birthday we made him a very special birthday breakfast and he got to open his family presents.. he loved them all!

the boys costumes were of course RUN DMC... this top pic was from the dress up day at school

I had to add all these pic cuz they never broke character ... they loved being theses guys!

Our friends the Fudge family came over to join us for Trick or Treating
we had a lot of fun trying to keep track of 6 kids running from house to house:) 

 After a long night of candy gathering, candy sorting and candy eating ....we finally got the kids to bed... the problem with halloween is that it got right in the way of the World Series... which Jeremy was glued to since his boys the Giants were playing... but all was well cuz we have DVR :)
hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!!

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