Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vances Birthday


Vance had a lovely Halloween theme party the weekend before Halloween.
I thought he would be over that theme by now 
but he LOVES his birthday is on Halloween:)
we had lots of friends come and my brother and his family 
made a weekend of it my sis in law was a major help thanks Kay!!

                                                    happy birthday my love!!

I cant even start to explain how much I love Fall... 
I think some of you know already but I love the 
smells ,the colors, the leaves falling,  the decorating,  the crafts ahh I could go on.. .
I took this a bit ago but this was one of Jeremys first pumpkins he 
grew in our garden they turned out sooo beautiful and big!

we did one of my fav crafts ... cheese cloth ghosts... they turned out so cute:)

It is still very warm here still, so the trees on my street don't know to have their leaves turn those beautiful colors and fall to the ground so I can make crap with them... hopefully nature with get it together soon!
Happy fall everyone!

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