Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not so dirty 30

Yes you heard right... I am now 30 years old!
I am not sure how this happened but it did and now I am starting a new decade.
It feels weird to say I am 30 since I never really got used to saying I was 29!
I  woke up (I got to sleep in!) on my special day to a beautiful breakfast my husband made and had a whole day of just relaxing and being happy!
Like last year I made my boys take me to my fav restaurant for dinner... Chevys and like last year Jeremy laughed at me. But it is fine... I live in a house full of boys... I get laughed at pretty much all day:)

It has been a full year now since I started talking about my art school.... I still very much want to do it, I just got side tracked with life.
At this point we are so up in the air about where we are going to live next I would hate to start a school only to have to close it.
Hopefully this next year brings us the answers to our questions and then I can really put this art school into play... wherever we live;)
My boys are all getting so big and independent I am seeing more and more that I am going to need to have something to do with my (free) time...  And I am excited about that!
So heres to my thirties may they be some great years!

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Kristi said...

Like I said, you would be amazing at that! I support you 100%, but also hope you move back up here. ;)