Tuesday, October 18, 2011

January & February (2011)

So the month of January was a blur to me... I was sick for 29 days straight... like really sick with
The Super Flu, So if anything did happen I wouldn't remember it anyways:)

Now February is a different story... I love this month. Not only cuz of valentines day ( I love making the valentines for the kids classes:)  but because it is Rivers birthday month! This year we didn't throw him a big party because I was so sick I couldn't plan one in time. We did do a small family one which was fine since he was turning 3 he really didn't seem to care if it was big or small as long as there was cake.

 Oh ya and it was Sergio's 3rd birthday too!!!

 We also had a great time making and giving out the valentines we made this year:) 

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