Tuesday, April 22, 2008

He's growin up!

River is two months already!! I can't believe it has already been that long- We went to the baby doc this morn.. all is perfect!  He is 10 pounds and at 25 % all across the board  (for those who even know what that means;) I wonder if he will be tiny like Vance or football player like Trey was-Either way he is growing just fine! He is such a great baby- he is starting to get a lil personality! It is funny cuz I see how people can keep having more kids!  Slowly you forget the hard stuff and just look at that sweet lil face and think... maybe we could have just one more -  I think about all that love in my house- Then I think about all the other things...  I cant remember the last time I  took a shower, or had an uninterrupted phone conversation,  all  the cuts I have from stepping on legos and army guys! I kick myself and say what the heck am I thinking!!!!  We should just be happy for what we've got!    



Danielle said...

oh my gosh! he is darling! i totally see you in him! makes me miss the newborn stage... but not too much yet..lol

Jig said...

"laid back...with his mind on his sleep and his sleep on his mind" - Riv Doggy Dog