Monday, January 4, 2010

Party Time.. Excellent

Happy New Years Everyone!!
We had a very eventful night with the boys at home:) since we didn't have a baby sitter... we decided to have a house dance party. We got all dressed up and pushed the furniture back and made all sorts of yummy snacks. The kids thought is was so fun that we had "hors devours" for dinner and got to drink cider out of fancy glasses:) we dance from 6 til really late... like 9PM :) River was passed out and the boys were in there jammies by ten. I promised they could stay up but both were out by 11:30 ... as was I:) we are party animals!

And we all know when the cheese ball is gone the party is OVER!

The Youngs wish everyone a healthy and happy new year and a shout out to my pal Jig who has to share is birthday with new years day... happy birthday buddy:)


Jig said...

damn...wish i knew you were getting down like that cos i would've been there in a minute to take in all that fun...gettin crazy with the cheese 'ball' :)

Violet Folklore said...

You guys rule. Oh man I LOVE the pictures of the boys dancing! I guess when you got 5 in the family you got a ready-made party all the time. Rivey's kiss is too cute :-)

Love you guys!

Krystal: Wife, Mom, Former Sleeper said...

HOW FUUUUN! you and your fam always have the best ideas and the most fun! i love love love the pic of you and river....made my heart smile!

Danielle said...

how cute are you?? i have been a blog slacker lately but it looks like your holidays were fabulous. your boys are getting so big. i love river's hair! you are the most adorable mom! loves!