Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dont know why you say good bye... I say hello

The Young Fam 5 made the trip... yet again, up north to see our wonderful friends and family.. we did miss some (Long Fam I swear next time!!!)

We planned the trip so we could be in town for our family's christmas gift exchange (which was so great.. our family is soooo the best gift givers ever!! thanks everyone!!) and for  Heather's birthday party- we were so glad we could make it! It was filled with 8th grade dance decorations, wonderful food, lots of laughing and don't forget the Dancing!!! ahh soo much dancing!
River showed us moves we have never seen a almost two year old do... that boys got rhythm... plus he was wearing an early b-day present from his auntie.. The Cutest Hat Ever!!! thanks H:)

Happy Birthday Heather xoxo 

Our week was packed with visits!
We had a super fun play date & dance party with our friends Kristen and Sophia thanks for having us over! I am bummed I didnt get any pics! :(

We also got to catch up with  The Denton Girls! 
we had so much fun .. but it just makes me miss them!  

We stopped by a super bowl party at our friend Matt's house.. where we heard the announcement of his and Mandy's engagement! Congrats you two!!!! Sorry we had to jet out so quickly after! We are so happy for you!!

*I want to say how much we miss the Hurley fam too... I left ur house seriously bummed.. we miss you guys soooooooo very much!!

And Hey Aly your new house is so cute, your dog is so cute and  you are so cute... I love you and miss you so!

At the end of our Trip we headed to San Francisco to see a couple friends. 
We met up with my girlfriend Adrienne who lives in the most amazing building in North Beach! If your gonna live in SF I swear this is the place:) 

how did Andy Warhol get in the pic?!

   This is the view from her roof, the building in the right corner is owned by Frances Ford Coppola!                                                    

This bookstore is right across the street and was full of  Beatnik history!

The boys were so good all day... no crying or whining  we were amazed!!
We stopped by Coit Tower the view was awesome! 

River was not feeling the elevator operater and gave him the evil eye the whole way down the tower:)

Around the corner from her house is China Town and they were getting ready for Chinese New Year so everything was all decorated so cool

                                                             Shark Fin's!! sooo gross!

Then later after saying goodbye to Adrienne... we said hello to Kim!
I hadn't seen Kim since we moved so I was soooo happy!!

After a yummy dinner filled with the screeching  sounds of River's melt down ( I couldn't blame him we had been going since 10:30 am!) we walked by this pirate store that contained THE costume Max wore in the movie Where The Wild Things are.. we are huge fans so it was super cool for us!

And River eventually gave up:)

We headed back to Santa cruz for the night then left for So Cal the next day... the drive went well my kids are used to it by now:) Hope to see you  Nor Cal folks again soon xoxo


Krystal: Wife, Mom, Former Sleeper said...

miss miss MISSED you 5:) looks like you were busy bees though and had tons of fun :)it was a tough weekend for us anyway.

BUT next time, there is no if and's or but's about it.....we will see get to vist:)

i loved all the pictures, but i must ask, what are you feeding rives, he is growing WAAAAAY too fast!!!

miss your faces, cant wait to see you :)

Heather said...

Loved every minute of your visit. You got some great shots of my sweet 16 (x2 + 6) party...I'll have to steal them sometime. Excellent post!