Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is Ground Control to Major Tom....

River turned two on Feb. 21st, so we had a birthday party that  weekend for him. The party was outer space theme... It was outta this world:) We originally planned for the party to be at the park down the street (it was 75* the week before!)  but of  course it rained the whole night before.. so it was way too soggy and cold! It worked out fine... unlike last years party rain out , our house down here is a billion times bigger:) this was the smallest party I have ever had for the boys but we were surrounded by really great people! The fudge family, Tori and Aeson, my mama, my brother and his girls made the trip, but I didnt get any pics of his beautiful family; (! 
We had a craft that actually went pretty well,some snacks  and lots of running around! River "The  Birthday Grump" made his appearance, just as he did last year... actually all of my kids are super grumpy at their parties... hmm. Anyways Mr. No Nap Fit Thrower hung in till the last hour of the party then crashed. Nothing like passing out at your own party! He's lucky we didn't draw all over his face:) 


Crazy boyz!


Tori and Aeson!


I want to thank my mom for traveling from Tahoe to spend time with us and help out!
 I love u Mumzy!

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Danielle said...

oh he is too too cute! and i'm lovin your bangs btw! :)