Monday, September 27, 2010

Santa Cruzy

Geez its been a while! We have been super busy! The summer has come and gone but wanted to share our trip to Santa Cruz at the end of June...

We hit the beach as much as we could! A Bunch of our friends met us there...thanks to Adrienne,Uncle Scott Burke, Jack, The Hurleys, The Longs, and The Martins for soakin up the sun with us!

 We went to San Francisco (without the kids thanks to PAPA and TUTU!!)  for a reception of our friends Niles and Merissa.  It was an unnaturally hot day in SF but beautiful all the same- I didn't get one pic of jeremy and my night out... but we had a great time getting dressed up and spending the night with our friends! Congrats Niles and Merissa!! 

After our wonderful trip to santa cruz we headed down the coast on Hwy 1 ... we wanted to find a camping spot somewhere by the beach but we ended up in the mountains near Big Sur.

It worked out perfect we found this amazing lil camp site by this river it was so loud at night it sounded like a freeway! As I got into the tent with my five guys (the 5th being Serg.) I was feeling so lucky ... mostly cuz their hot boy heat kept me warm but also cuz camping with your family is the best!!

There were a few biting flys in the morning and a bit of poison oak so we made it just a one nighter... which was fine:)

 It didn't take us long to pack up and head out... inside of going back down to the ocean , we headed thru the mountains to go to Santa Barbara. We drove thru this Army training base ... I didn't get any pics but the kids loves seeing all the big tanks driving around and all the training buildings and thousands of tents set up. We made our way to Santa Barbara and it was a beautful day!  we spend the afternoon beaching at this really cool dog beach and watched the sunset .

We had such a fun filled time seeing all our friends !! come visit us down here!!

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