Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lets play catch up.... there's always something going on...

Well it has been SO long since my last post! a lot has happened... heres a short (or long really:) lil story of our goings ons....

We got a dog from a shelter!! His name is Sergio and he is the love of our lives!! a real stuffed animal that walks around and only barks at birds and when River is getting too rough :p  we found his dislike for other dogs but we are working on getting him some puppy play dates

he loves us so much...we joke we have become those weird people who take pictures of their dog and text them back and forth... but it is true.

 We dont know how we lived without him! he is  PERFECT addition to our family!

A while ago Jeremy left for two weeks to go work for his lovely Step mom Mary:) and build her new Ice cream shop:) yay! while he was gone... I had some amazing So. Cal friends coming to help me!
My pal Nicole came with her girlfriend Sarah and they played with the kids.
Then a few days later Alexa  an amazing artist came over to give them a "real" art lesson they had so much fun.

River was so into he wanted to keep painting so the next day I let him paint the brick fence with water... a much easier clean up:)
After all that everyone got sick... they all took a turn which was nice cuz I was alone and it was overwhelming  a lil bit:) but as river finally took his turn I got my turn at the same time! It was awful we got it the worst... thank goodness Jeremy got home right around then and took care of us. 

We had big plans for easter with my brother and his fam and they were ruined cuz of us being sicky:( I tried my hardest to get better so the big boys could have Easter still... but it was hard. we dragged ourselves (meaning river and I) off the couch and dyed eggs with the big boys...

poor guy was so sick he lasted about 20 min then back on the couch.
We did get a burst of energy for a few to do a hunt the next day

but then it was back on the couch for the next 4 days...

Once we all got thru it ...we got back to normal life.... 

We went to the Annual Lemon Festival... last year they had  a great performer:) but this year we focus on going on rides.. River was having fun!

We also went to the Observatory in LA and  saw the Hollywood sign with the boys...they had so much fun. Sergio loved all the people.  I thought it was crazy how many people talk to you when u have kids but when you have a dog people chase you to chat.. weird ;p

We couldn't love our house any more... we have been working so hard on it ! Our flowers are all blooming and beautiful and soooo glad it is finally spring. we even started a fruit veggie garden, cant wait to eat our own stuff!

Trey is doing great in baseball...He is on the Giants and we couldn't be more proud... the other kids on his team aren't as proud.. guess being a Giant isn't cool down here in So Cal:) most kids wanted to be Angels:)

Even Sergio enjoys the games!

River just enjoys Sergio! 

I have been doing Pre-school at home with Vance... he is starting Kindergarten in the fall.. he couldn't be more ready! or really I couldn't be more ready! :)

River is.. well at the stage where he knows everything, tries to do everything and falls down while doing it all... umm I think it is called the terrible two's... yep! 

Next is Mothers Day....

We had plans to go to my brother Nathan's in Palm Desert for the weekend.... but River had a fever so Jeremy stayed behind with him and I took the big boys... we had a great time with his beautiful wife and kids and we got to spend time with my Aunt Debi and cousin Caitlin  and swim in their pool.... hooray!

*thank you Nathan and Kay for being the best host's ever!!!

Finally the end... 
Jeremy was gone again for another couple weeks to work in Santa Cruz.  Nicole  stopped by again and rocked out with us....

and Alexa came a couple times and played with the boys ... you have no idea how much u guys helped me! I love ya!!

 My Pal Aly flew in later that week, we never actually got to finish a sentence cuz the kids wanted to be with her as much as I did but we still had fun:)

we had so much fun! thanks Aly for helping SO much with the kids and the doggy at the games and at home!

 you are such an amazing friend!

There it is... ur all caught up.... we have a huge summer ahead so come on back and check us out! xoxo 

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Adrienne said...

Love it! Read the blog the other day but couldn't see the pics, so finally just saw it all! Keep em coming. Love Sergio btw. xo